LED Spot ASTIR from Germany is cheaper

LED Spot ASTIR from Germany is cheaper

We reported about the 30W LED spotlight ASTIR of Bioledex. Now the manufacturer has lowered the recommended retail price for the 30-watt model. This now amounts to 149.99 EUR. In addition, at the Made in Germany quality and ambition. The LED spot light can be used very flexibly, for example, in large halls. It can also on offer to a mounting plate located either 3, 4 or 6 30W LED lamp can be mounted. By the swing, option can be used even better all-rounder.

Bioledex ASTIR: High Power LED Floodlight

Brand new high performance 30W LED Floodlight, Made in Germany. The quality product from the German production is small, compact, lightweight, efficient and very strong! The 30-watt LED floodlights provide 2000 lumens and provides cold-white light. Especially well-suited for environmentally friendly lighting of buildings, advertising signs, input and output fields, etc. Also from the emergency lighting makes ASTIR LED, spot a good figure, which is less than 4 cm high.

LED street lighting in Stuttgart with LED Floodlight

In Stuttgart, a part of the city lights has already been converted to modern LED technology. Even here it is, as in many other German cities also of the opinion that one can by replacing the old lights to the new LED lighting to significant cost savings. In recent years, more than 760 million euros have been spent on outdated street lighting systems, researchers and experts have now calculated that with LED installations up to 400 million can be saved from this sum.

Money, which of course can usefully invested in other projects. Stuttgart started for this reason with the conversion, and first in the castle garden and the hospital district. For here, we figured out a cost benefit of a third. Although the city come to certain investment costs, this will balance out but after a few years, as do the LEDs last much longer, use less power and require less waiting intervals during operation.

Public lighting is next to LED street lights and LED floodlights. This modern floodlights for outdoor provide enough brightness to lighting to large area efficient and low maintenance. More information about this version of the lighting can be found here: LED floodlights.Nevertheless, Stuttgart is only just beginning with the conversion to LED technology. So far, only one percent has been equipped with the new technology.

However, in the long term, probably no city is able to avoid the complete conversion; the old technology for street lighting is obsolete and is just simply in terms of the environment is anything but contemporary.

ERCO LED system design

Consistent system design is characteristic of the product range of ERCO. LED lights thus constitute never solitary products, but are fully integrated into the scheme of the overall program. In this way, the planner can use with LED lighting tools for a variety of lighting applications and easily combined with conventional products. Continuous program structures with similar emission characteristics and terminology, but also defined interfaces such as the adapter for track-mounted spotlights make planning efficiently and rationally. The DALI technology gives a product system an additional virtual software layer.

Radiation characteristics

The light intensity distributions of the LED lights follow with radiation patterns from narrow spot to wide flood the proven concepts in the ERCO Program and offer great scope. More radiation characteristics for LED and wall washer are in development. Exchangeable Spherolit provide additional flexibility in certain lights.

Lumen categories

Due to the high, still further improvements in light output of the LEDs in the thinking Lumen categories for planning is particularly important. The LED lights in the ERCO Program cover a large area of the lumen and offer classes for a variety of lighting tasks a fair solution.

Colour temperature and coloured light

With the conscious use of warm white or neutral white light, the planner can build subtle contrasts, create atmosphere and discuss materials. With LED lighting tools, also Vraychromelights are ready for powerful effects with saturated colours.

Light distributions

Differentiated lighting design requires different lighting tools, each offering optimum light quality and efficiently fulfil its mission. A wide range of radiation patterns provides the basis for qualitative lighting design and efficient visual comfort. The LED luminaires ERCO to cover all of the material emission characteristics: energy efficient lighting with different vertical wall washers, general lighting with down lights and accent lighting with directional spotlights.

Down light Double wash lights

To illuminate hallways parallel walls and the floor evenly can down light Double wash lights offered. The light steering is via the Dark light reflector with two integral Spherolit reflector segments.

Lens wall washers

Special lens reflector systems ensure uniform wall illumination. The visible from below are glare-free Dark light reflectors.

Directional spot

Lighting accentuating via directional luminaires. The beam can be pivoted from the vertical beam direction up to 30 degrees. In addition, it can be rotated by 360 °.

  • Systems
  • Spotlights and bus bars
  • Innovative LED spotlights can be easily integrated into existing systems with ERCO insert bus bars.


The modular system of Quintessence, which is based on uniform mounting rings or frames, allows the installation of lamps with different emission characteristics. Subsequent changes, for example, replacing a down lights with low-voltage halogen lamp with an LED directional luminaires are Quintessence with no problem.

ERCO LED Lighting – Lamps with varychrome ring

Lamps with varychrome ring the light can be set separately for the varychrome ring from the lamp, for example, dim lighting for general lighting and decorative appeal as a colourfully lit joint.

For separate adjustment of brightness and colour, this type of lamp two DALI ballasts. Encoded by the lamp operating device is automatically recognized by the system as a unit, which facilitates the programming.

Light Studio software

From the close collaboration of computer scientists and designers at ERCO results in a powerful package of hardware and software for easy lighting control. Predefined scenes allow the lighting designer to check the lighting system easily. The clear user interface of the Light Studio software allows quick configuration of lighting scenes to timed lighting sequences.

The Light Studio software is easy to set up lighting installations with Light System DALI and makes its complex functions in a convenient manner. It consists of five modules: The Light Master module is used to edit and maintain the light scenes. The Light Book is used to organize and structure of Light Studio projects. The module Light Timer allows the recall scenes at defined times. The Light Sequencer is a tool, which allows defining lighting scenes in their timing.

The functions in the Light Keeper module eventually assist the operators with maintenance and help to make the savings in energy consumption. The PC software Light Changer provides the user interface of a Light Changer to operate Light System DALI on a PC. The special features in the Light Keeper module, the user can exploit the energy saving potential of its lighting system with intelligent lighting control especially comfortable.

Saving energy with light control

By sensors, receive Light System DALI installations the ability lighting automatically adapt to changing environmental conditions. About the Light Studio, software can be easily programmed and set appropriate lighting scenes /depending on the measured values of the sensors/. In this context, bear DALI-compatible LED lighting tools in both their high luminous efficacy as well as its controllability for lighting solutions with efficient visual comfort.

The best price for LED lighting

LED lighting is one of the best ways to save money on electricity, while protecting the environment. It is true that the initial investment is higher compared to the conventional ways of lighting, but all this is paid richly in the first few months.

Especially if you choose the professionals in your area for the purchase and installation of LED lights.

Our shop was established eight years ago and since then we have had thousands of satisfied customers. During these years we have established a name of good traders and we won many new customers.

We hope you will be one of them.


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