Lamps with varychrome ring the light can be set separately for the varychrome ring from the lamp, for example, dim lighting for general lighting and decorative appeal as a colourfully lit joint.

For separate adjustment of brightness and colour, this type of lamp two DALI ballasts. Encoded by the lamp operating device is automatically recognized by the system as a unit, which facilitates the programming.

Light Studio software

From the close collaboration of computer scientists and designers at ERCO results in a powerful package of hardware and software for easy lighting control. Predefined scenes allow the lighting designer to check the lighting system easily. The clear user interface of the Light Studio software allows quick configuration of lighting scenes to timed lighting sequences.

The Light Studio software is easy to set up lighting installations with Light System DALI and makes its complex functions in a convenient manner. It consists of five modules: The Light Master module is used to edit and maintain the light scenes. The Light Book is used to organize and structure of Light Studio projects. The module Light Timer allows the recall scenes at defined times. The Light Sequencer is a tool, which allows defining lighting scenes in their timing.

The functions in the Light Keeper module eventually assist the operators with maintenance and help to make the savings in energy consumption. The PC software Light Changer provides the user interface of a Light Changer to operate Light System DALI on a PC. The special features in the Light Keeper module, the user can exploit the energy saving potential of its lighting system with intelligent lighting control especially comfortable.

Saving energy with light control

By sensors, receive Light System DALI installations the ability lighting automatically adapt to changing environmental conditions. About the Light Studio, software can be easily programmed and set appropriate lighting scenes /depending on the measured values of the sensors/. In this context, bear DALI-compatible LED lighting tools in both their high luminous efficacy as well as its controllability for lighting solutions with efficient visual comfort.

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